Air monitoring during hurricanes

In August 2020 TCEQ took its stationary air monitors in Beaumont and Houston offline prior to Hurricane Laura’s landfall, triggering considerable criticism and a lot of questions. We’ve asked Cory Chism, Deputy Director of TCEQ’s Monitoring Division, to explain. Before getting into why TCEQ shuts off its air monitors in the path of a storm, … Continue reading Air monitoring during hurricanes

A storm by any other name?

Hurricanes have been given names for quite a while, including the practice of naming storms after Roman Catholic saints throughout the Caribbean Islands hundreds of years ago. Striving for precision, early meteorologists in the U.S. used latitude and longitude coordinates to name storms, based on where they originated. Thankfully, that rather banal branding gave way … Continue reading A storm by any other name?

Longer hurricane season?

With one eye on the rearview mirror and another on what’s just around the corner, the nation’s top meteorologists are considering moving the official start date for the Atlantic hurricane season from June 1 to May 15. A surge in spring storms over the past several years has the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration mulling … Continue reading Longer hurricane season?

Medical Waste in the Times of COVID

More COVID vaccines means more syringes and test kits. But what happens to all that stuff? Maybe you’ve wondered: is it something I need to be concerned about? Not to worry – we’ve got it under control. Charly Fritz, deputy director of TCEQ’s Waste Permits Division, which regulates the processing and disposal of medical waste, … Continue reading Medical Waste in the Times of COVID

New binational agreement fosters continuous monitoring in El Paso Air Basin

For decades, the threat posed by air pollution in the El Paso region has challenged stakeholders on both sides of the border, thwarting growth in the two countries’ interlocked economies.  The El Paso Air Basin, a bowl-shaped desert region defined by the Rio Grande and mountainous terrain, resides within the Paso del Norte, the historic … Continue reading New binational agreement fosters continuous monitoring in El Paso Air Basin