Checking All the Boxes

OPIC Director Garrett Arthur on Representing the Public Interest    From the time he was a youngster growing up in the Dallas area, Garrett Arthur loved being outdoors – hiking in national parks, skiing on family vacations – anything that allowed him to spend time with family and friends in the natural world. Over time, … Continue reading Checking All the Boxes

TCEQ’s New Chief Toxicologist – Sabine S. Lange, Ph.D., DABT

“People with passion are the lifeblood of any career, bringing innovation and dedication that benefits all those around them.”   Determining safe levels of human exposure to the many chemicals and other substances in a state as vast and industrialized as Texas is a critically important – and seriously scrutinized – undertaking. As a state … Continue reading TCEQ’s New Chief Toxicologist – Sabine S. Lange, Ph.D., DABT

TCEQ’s internship program provides opportunity

From learning about the watermaster program in the Rio Grande Valley, to air monitoring in Central Texas, or gathering groundwater samples in the Dallas region, these college students come from diverse backgrounds pursuing degrees related to the environment, science, engineering, public administration, public health, computer technology, accounting, business, law, and communications. These are just a … Continue reading TCEQ’s internship program provides opportunity

What’s in a name?

Projections show the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season will likely be hot and heavy – the only thing that’s changed are the names Before the start of every hurricane season, the World Meteorological Organization assigns a list of names for tropical storms in alphabetical order. The names are cycled in and out every six years, although … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Waste Not, Want Not

Pollution Prevention program aims to stop waste before it starts   Waste not, want not. As with most proverbs, the source of this little nugget is unknown, but regardless of its author, the maxim captures the intent of TCEQ’s Pollution Prevention program, aka P2. P2 came into being following legislation enacted by Texas lawmakers more … Continue reading Waste Not, Want Not