Alison Wenzel

Environmental education isn’t always elementary

How former MLEIP intern turned TCEQ staffer Alison Wenzel developed her love for the environment into a full-time career Growing up in Texas, Alison Wenzel learned to love the environment from a young age from her parents. Because her mom was an environmental educator and her dad is a lifelong outdoorsman, they often went camping, … Continue reading Environmental education isn’t always elementary

Air Monitor

Measuring Air Quality in the Lone Star State

If you live in a city in Texas, you’ve likely driven by an air monitoring station without knowing it was there. TCEQ is responsible for protecting the state’s resources and ensuring clean air for the residents of Texas. Air quality is impacted by both man-made sources such as industrial emissions and vehicle exhaust, and naturally … Continue reading Measuring Air Quality in the Lone Star State

Air monitoring during hurricanes

In August 2020 TCEQ took its stationary air monitors in Beaumont and Houston offline prior to Hurricane Laura’s landfall, triggering considerable criticism and a lot of questions. We’ve asked Cory Chism, Deputy Director of TCEQ’s Monitoring Division, to explain. Before getting into why TCEQ shuts off its air monitors in the path of a storm, … Continue reading Air monitoring during hurricanes

Estuary Systems of Texas

We’re closing out Public Service Recognition Week with a final virtual field trip from our colleagues on the Surface Water Quality Monitoring team. TCEQ scientist Robby Deans explains how environmental changes affect Texas estuaries and how TCEQ monitors the health of our waterways through seagrass sampling and water quality testing. To Robby, the SWQM team … Continue reading Estuary Systems of Texas

Texas Weather and Climate

Now that we’re transitioning from cool, spring weather into hotter summer months, you may have seen advisories for Ozone Action Days popping up in your city. Why are these days are established? What’s their purpose? We’ll have a dedicated blog post on Ozone Action Days next week. In the meantime, this virtual field trip for … Continue reading Texas Weather and Climate