Summertime Blues

TCEQ Keeps an Eye on the Sky – and its Drought Monitor The state of Texas isn’t always in a drought - it just feels that way. From brown lawns, wildfires, restriction notices, and even sometimes water shortages, droughts make their presence known. There are times – and this year is shaping up to be … Continue reading Summertime Blues

What’s in a name?

Projections show the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season will likely be hot and heavy – the only thing that’s changed are the names Before the start of every hurricane season, the World Meteorological Organization assigns a list of names for tropical storms in alphabetical order. The names are cycled in and out every six years, although … Continue reading What’s in a name?

TCEQ forms Engineering Group

TCEQ Engineering Group provides training to maintain an edge during pandemic by Victoria Cann   As part of National Engineers Week, we wanted to highlight what TCEQ engineers are doing to continue to be the best engineers they can. Agency engineers formed the TCEQ Engineering Group to assist up and coming engineers, and maintain a … Continue reading TCEQ forms Engineering Group

Wipes can clog sewer systems, forcing crews to implement costly repairs like this one.

Don’t Flush that!

Why "flushable" wipes aren't really flushable We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Flushable wipes are not actually flushable. “But Brian,” you’re asking, “The packaging on these disposable wipes clearly states that this product is, in fact, flushable. What’s the big deal?” Marketers of disposable wipes are selling convenience. It’s easy to assume … Continue reading Don’t Flush that!

Legislative Wrap-Up: What it Means for TCEQ

State lawmakers increase incentives to improve air quality, regulate petroleum storage tanks, and prepare for lead testing in schools’ drinking water. Efforts to improve air quality in Texas got a boost during the recent legislative session when state lawmakers approved changes that will hasten the retirement of older, dirtier vehicles. Among the changes is a … Continue reading Legislative Wrap-Up: What it Means for TCEQ