Dust in the Wind

Annual intrusion of Saharan dust has benefits, drawbacks If you’ve been wondering what’s behind the unusually hazy skies we’ve seen lately, just look to the east. No, not Florida – keep going – all the way across the Atlantic. The source is the Saharan Air Layer, or SAL – plumes of dust blown all the … Continue reading Dust in the Wind

Air Monitor

Measuring Air Quality in the Lone Star State

If you live in a city in Texas, you’ve likely driven by an air monitoring station without knowing it was there. TCEQ is responsible for protecting the state’s resources and ensuring clean air for the residents of Texas. Air quality is impacted by both man-made sources such as industrial emissions and vehicle exhaust, and naturally … Continue reading Measuring Air Quality in the Lone Star State

Air monitoring during hurricanes

In August 2020 TCEQ took its stationary air monitors in Beaumont and Houston offline prior to Hurricane Laura’s landfall, triggering considerable criticism and a lot of questions. We’ve asked Cory Chism, Deputy Director of TCEQ’s Monitoring Division, to explain. Before getting into why TCEQ shuts off its air monitors in the path of a storm, … Continue reading Air monitoring during hurricanes

Get Ready: National Hurricane Preparedness Week May 9-15

As part of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 9-15, we are launching a series of blog posts related to hurricanes, including preparing for them, some of our staff’s experiences with them and some other interesting things we came across during hurricane season last fall. In case you were wondering how TCEQ prepares for a hurricane, … Continue reading Get Ready: National Hurricane Preparedness Week May 9-15

TCEQ’s Role in Responding to Emergencies

As the agency with the words "environmental quality" in its name suggests, TCEQ plays an important role in protecting the state’s public health and natural resources. As our mission statement proclaims, our goal is clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste. Still, misconceptions remain about just what TCEQ does, and what authority … Continue reading TCEQ’s Role in Responding to Emergencies