Waste Not, Want Not

Pollution Prevention program aims to stop waste before it starts   Waste not, want not. As with most proverbs, the source of this little nugget is unknown, but regardless of its author, the maxim captures the intent of TCEQ’s Pollution Prevention program, aka P2. P2 came into being following legislation enacted by Texas lawmakers more … Continue reading Waste Not, Want Not

TCEQ recognized for chemical risk assessment methods

It’s not every day that a state agency is recognized by a renowned international health organization, but that’s what happened recently when the WHO gave a shout-out to TCEQ for its leadership in review methods used in chemical risk assessments. In a summary of global initiatives that employ systematic review of data in the formation … Continue reading TCEQ recognized for chemical risk assessment methods

Ozone detection in Houston – by land, air and sea

TCEQ air quality experts participate in NASA-led research project It’s no big news flash that scientists love their computer models. Modeling is an essential part of the modern scientific method in diverse pursuits such as medicine, economics, engineering, architecture, meteorology, and numerous other disciplines. Models create an abstract or ‘virtual’ version of something in the … Continue reading Ozone detection in Houston – by land, air and sea

Dust in the Wind

Annual intrusion of Saharan dust has benefits, drawbacks If you’ve been wondering what’s behind the unusually hazy skies we’ve seen lately, just look to the east. No, not Florida – keep going – all the way across the Atlantic. The source is the Saharan Air Layer, or SAL – plumes of dust blown all the … Continue reading Dust in the Wind

Blue-green algae: What is it?

Recently, there have been multiple cases in Texas of blue-green algae found in bodies of water, such as Lake Travis and Belton Lake. The occurrences can be especially concerning since there have been cases of death among dogs. Bull Creek, Austin It’s unclear if we’re hearing more about blue-green algae in recent years because it’s becoming … Continue reading Blue-green algae: What is it?