Estuary Systems of Texas

We’re closing out Public Service Recognition Week with a final virtual field trip from our colleagues on the Surface Water Quality Monitoring team. TCEQ scientist Robby Deans explains how environmental changes affect Texas estuaries and how TCEQ monitors the health of our waterways through seagrass sampling and water quality testing. To Robby, the SWQM team … Continue reading Estuary Systems of Texas

Texas Weather and Climate

Now that we’re transitioning from cool, spring weather into hotter summer months, you may have seen advisories for Ozone Action Days popping up in your city. Why are these days are established? What’s their purpose? We’ll have a dedicated blog post on Ozone Action Days next week. In the meantime, this virtual field trip for … Continue reading Texas Weather and Climate

Texas River Biodiversity

Today's Public Service Recognition Week post highlights TCEQ scientists Jill Csekitz and Brittany Lee. In this virtual field trip developed for Texas schools, Jill and Brittney teach us about river biodiversity, while demonstrating how they monitor the water quality and overall health of Texas rivers to ensure healthy environments for animals, as well as humans. … Continue reading Texas River Biodiversity

Protecting Texas Waters

In case you missed yesterday’s blog post, this week, May 2-8, is the annual celebration of Public Service Recognition Week. In recognition, we’re highlighting a handful of TCEQ scientists and other subject-matter experts who devote their working hours to protecting Texas waters and air quality.  To help spread the word about their important roles, they’ve taken time … Continue reading Protecting Texas Waters

Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week

Public service. Some say it’s a calling – the chance to make a difference in the lives of real people, while engaging in challenging work.  The challenge of making a difference won’t make you rich (though the benefits are great!) and you’ll have to deal with the hurdles of politics and critical public scrutiny. It’s … Continue reading Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week