Dust in the Wind

Annual intrusion of Saharan dust has benefits, drawbacks If you’ve been wondering what’s behind the unusually hazy skies we’ve seen lately, just look to the east. No, not Florida – keep going – all the way across the Atlantic. The source is the Saharan Air Layer, or SAL – plumes of dust blown all the … Continue reading Dust in the Wind

Looking back at TCEQ’s Hurricane Harvey response

As Hurricane Harvey made its destructive landfall on the Texas coast and then sat around dumping rain on homes and businesses, Texans pulled together to help each other out. This video is a look back at how people, including our own employees, managed to pull through one of the most significant weather events the state … Continue reading Looking back at TCEQ’s Hurricane Harvey response

This smells … fishy

Why dead fish follow a hurricane If you live near the Texas coast, you may have seen dead fish following a hurricane. Lots and lots of dead, smelly fish lining the coast. Or maybe you saw them gulping for air at the surface of the water. Perhaps you wondered if it was pollution that caused … Continue reading This smells … fishy

Air monitoring during hurricanes

In August 2020 TCEQ took its stationary air monitors in Beaumont and Houston offline prior to Hurricane Laura’s landfall, triggering considerable criticism and a lot of questions. We’ve asked Cory Chism, Deputy Director of TCEQ’s Monitoring Division, to explain. Before getting into why TCEQ shuts off its air monitors in the path of a storm, … Continue reading Air monitoring during hurricanes

A storm by any other name?

Hurricanes have been given names for quite a while, including the practice of naming storms after Roman Catholic saints throughout the Caribbean Islands hundreds of years ago. Striving for precision, early meteorologists in the U.S. used latitude and longitude coordinates to name storms, based on where they originated. Thankfully, that rather banal branding gave way … Continue reading A storm by any other name?