TCEQ’s internship program provides opportunity

From learning about the watermaster program in the Rio Grande Valley, to air monitoring in Central Texas, or gathering groundwater samples in the Dallas region, these college students come from diverse backgrounds pursuing degrees related to the environment, science, engineering, public administration, public health, computer technology, accounting, business, law, and communications. These are just a … Continue reading TCEQ’s internship program provides opportunity

Why Does Illegal Dumping Happen? How You Can Prevent It

Most people want to live in a safe and clean world, but when illegal dumping happens, communities and the environment are threatened. Did you know that a seemingly discarded couch in a field or rolled away old car tire that became a mosquito hotel are examples of illegal dumping? Illegal dumping is defined by TCEQ … Continue reading Why Does Illegal Dumping Happen? How You Can Prevent It

Summertime Blues

TCEQ Keeps an Eye on the Sky – and its Drought Monitor The state of Texas isn’t always in a drought - it just feels that way. From brown lawns, wildfires, restriction notices, and even sometimes water shortages, droughts make their presence known. There are times – and this year is shaping up to be … Continue reading Summertime Blues

Hurricane Watch: Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Prepare now to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home We talk a lot about making sure you’re taking care of the four Ps (people, pets, pipes, and plants) when it comes to inclement winter weather, but what about when it’s summertime? Hurricane Season sure isn’t something to be messed with, or you could … Continue reading Hurricane Watch: Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

What’s in a name?

Projections show the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season will likely be hot and heavy – the only thing that’s changed are the names Before the start of every hurricane season, the World Meteorological Organization assigns a list of names for tropical storms in alphabetical order. The names are cycled in and out every six years, although … Continue reading What’s in a name?